Hong Garden Aquarium Chinese Restaurant
Chestnut Village Shoppes
36 Chestnut Road, Paoli, PA

What people are saying about Hong Garden Aquarium Chinese Restaurant (of Paoli, PA)

They have honored us with a visit to enjoy our Stir-Fry Dishes, Chow Mein, Seafood,
Hot Pot, and other items from our Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu.


Mon - Sat:
11:00 am
to 9:30 pm

4 pm to 9 pm

Hong Garden Aquarium Chinese Restaurant Dumplings

"... people here are very fun and very eager to please, very educated and very, very talented in the kitchen. Joseph... is an imaginative chef; many of the 21 'specials' permanently listed on his menu are only found at Hong Garden. Bear in mind that these are in addition to his 80 'regular' entrees, including fried rice, lo mein, chow mein, and chow mi fun. ... many of his regulars are Chinese, many of whom come as far away as Philly because they've heard that his cuisine is authentic to their homeland. .... Seven Star and Autumn Moon: Combined meats, seafood, and vegetables, floating with crispy boneless chicken breast surround with seven crispy jumbo shrimp. ... everything here was delicious. I ordered plenty and everything was great. ... I would urge anyone with an occasional or consistent yen for Chinese to try Hong Garden-- I found it quite extraordinary."

[ Suburban Publications ]

"Hong Garden has wonderful Moo Shu Pork! Very tender and flavorful. And their Peking-Style Imperial Pork is so tasty with the special sweet and savory sauce. We'll move Hong Garden to the top of our list.

[ Kathleen-- Berwyn, PA 2009]

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